Mips: frivolous notes of the Skyylark


"Physical Challenge!"

Great Odin's raven! It's a hot one! While stuck in traffic on a day like this, one will think of anything to keep from letting Mr. Golden Sun get the best of them. Thoughts like this are what inspired number one on this particular list. I guess this list is pretty self-explanatory. I would obviously have to wear an air-tight body suit for sanitary reasons...

5 Food Items I Would Like to Swim in a Large Vat of, and Gobble Up As I Swim.

1. Iced Chai - Mmmmmm, cool, spicy heaven. You can keep your DQ treats and iced coffee drinks smothered in whipped cream. I've grown heavily addicted to this stuff over the summer, and yes, I've thought about swimming in it one more than one occasion.

2. Cold Chocolate Pudding - Well, I think the initial dive would be fun, but the swimming and eating would grow tiresome pretty quickly.

3. Chinese Lo Mein - A little pork, some pea pods, a splash of soy sauce, there you go.

4. Barbeque Sauce - I think I would need assistance on this one. I would need people throwing chicken tenders at me when needed.

5. Mayo - No, not really. I just wanted to make my brother cringe 'cause he hates the stuff. I used to chase him around the house with the mayo jar and he'd run away scared.

This list is making me want to go on that old game show, "Double Dare". Hey, did anyone know that host of DD, Mark Summers, was actually an obsessive-compulsive cleaner? Once again, add to list if you want. Later everyone!


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