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The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.

Words are great. I've always been a much bigger fan of words than I have of numbers. And today I heard one of my favorite words uttered on a television commercial as I was watching "Pop Culture World Series" on VH1 (which is one of the only quiz shows I think I'd be pretty darn good at). Once in a while I'll encounter a word that will have the perfect formula of vowels, consonants, and accents, creating something that is irresistible to say. This following list, mind you, has nothing to do with the actual meaning of each word. But rather it focuses on, quite simply, how much fun it is to say. I'm not going to defend each word with an explanation, like I usually do in these lists. Just speak the word for yourself and see if you agree with me.

5 Favorite Words:

1. Palomino

2. Dollop

3. Luminous

4. Existentialism

5. Diphthong ('ph' is pronouced as an 'f' sound)

Once again, feel free to add your own. And I think ck and c may have to humor the rest of us and add definitions to theirs, knowing those two! Try and keep cool everybody!


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