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As some of you may have noticed, I try to stay moderately positive on this blog. It would be incredibly easy for this blog to end up a huge, festering pit, filled to the brim with Missy complaints. I have a relatively worry-free life and the last thing people want to hear is how a suburban teacher didn't get a lunch break on March 26nd, 2006. HOWEVER, I'm only human and I assure you this is the first and last post focused solely on a negative subject. This list will be constructed with one restriction only: politics. 'Cause politics is a whole other list on its own, and I'm not about to unleash that monster amongst my loyal and friendly readers. So, here we are, let the negativity begin:

*5 Things I'm Sick of*

1. Forensic Crime Solving Shows - I'll admit, I really liked one or two of them when they first came out. But now the craze has caught on, multiplied, and grown tiresome. I've seen enough autopsy scenes to last me a lifetime.

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt - What sick, evil force is helping maintain this woman's career in entertainment? Just when I think she's disappeared from my life, she'll come out with a painful new album, or a horrible new TV show. A few years ago, I was simply indifferent toward her. But as soon as I found out that she portrayed Miss Audrey Hepburn (my favorite actress of all-time) in a made-for-tv movie, she shot straight to #1 on Missy's Poo List. My favorite actress being played by my least favorite actress; *sigh*...what a cruel joke.

3. Target - I have a feeling I'm about to get a whole lotta crap for this one, as I have many friends who are major Target enthusiasts. But hear me out, people. Just ONCE I'd like to buy a gallon of milk or a bottle of mouthwash without getting suckered into buying 10 other things! If I have one or two items in my hand, and I'm standing next to a glorious display of Milano cookies by the register, you'd better believe I'm buying those cookies. If it's Missy vs. Milano cookies, the cookies are going to win every time.

4. Cheese - I'm normally a huge cheese fiend. And I never thought I'd find myself saying, "I've had enough cheese, for now". But I guess everyone's got their breaking point, and I guess I've reached mine. It's not that I'm going to completely cut cheese out of my daily diet, I'm just not going to place it atop of EVERYTHING that enters my belly.

5. My CD collection - I've been listening to the same CD's/Mp3's for the past two years, and while I'm still in love with several of these albums, I'm so very ready for some new music in my life. Music and DVD's are my one spending weakness, but I'm trying to save money right now so I don't see any new music in my immediate future.

Well, have a great rest-of-the-week everyone, and keep the comments coming!!


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