Mips: frivolous notes of the Skyylark


Chocolate-Covered Disappointment

I just had a bizarre dream last night that, to me, represents everything going on in my life right now.

I dreamt that I, for some God-awful reason, was at a Republican Convention with my family. Which is odd, since the majority of my family hates Bush and the festering turds he calls policies.

At this convention, I was gnawing on a handful of chocolate-covered coffee beans, apparently they were serving coffee and coffee-flavored snacks at this convention, heh. Anyway, Bush was shaking hands with the public and he got within about 7 feet of me. I recall looking down at my chocolate-covered coffee beans and I desperately wanted to throw my bitter, little pile of beans at him as he came by. But, unfortunately I was too scared to, for fear of getting swept away by security.

When I awoke, I became very disappointed in myself: for even in my wildest dreams, I still didn't have the guts to do what I wanted to do. Most people would KILL for the opportunity to hurl an inanimate object at the President (or animate, come to think of it). I had my chance, and I chickened out.

So that was my dream, and the epiphany that occurred when I awoke.
I need to take more chances...