Mips: frivolous notes of the Skyylark


"Well, just call me Mr. Butterfingers..."

Ever get the feeling that something or someone out in the unknown is playing games with you? I ask this because in the last couple days I've been exceptionally clumsey!! One second I'll be smacking my head on the corner of my dresser, and the next I'll be stubbing my toe on an ill-placed pile of books. And everytime I swear to myself, "I don't remember that being there!" I've also banged my elbow on a swinging door and pinched my fingers in several entryways. It all seems to happen in a connected string of events. And while I whince in pain and spit out a couple of curse words, I somehow have the feeling that someone out there is having a good chuckle.

I dunno, maybe it's just that my mind is such a ball of mush by the end of the day that I fail to notice important things like..walls, dressers, and doors:)


Voting for the lesser of two evils.

In the world of elementary classroom management, there are many speaking tactics that are used in order to acheive the most effective results from a student. One of these tactics is to avoid using negatives:
Instead of "no running!", say "walk".
Instead of, "stop touching your neighbor!", say "hands and feet to yourself".
Instead of "don't do that!", say "try this instead".
Pretty simple concept, yes? Well, in this election season, I'm convinced that politicians have yet to catch on to this concept.

For the past month or so, the majority of campaign ads by both parties have gone as follows:
"Are you aware that Mr. Senate-Pants is a left-wing extremist who sucks eggs? (The absolute ugliest picture ever taken of this candidate now pops up on the screen. Usually with a demonic, flaming red background behind it. And now, the opposing candidate is shown, happily waltzing through a wood to the tune of Beethoven's Pastoral, wearing a fuzzy Bill Cosby sweater and a knowing smile on his face). I'm Mr. Friendly-Sweater-Candidate, and I approve this message."

I then stare open-jawed at the television screen, feeling like I've been cheated out of one or two IQ points having watched the commercial. Ok, so these commercials don't literally inflict ignorance on all those who witness them. But rather, I feel insulted that these candidates don't give the American public a little more credit. CHILDREN don't respond well to "don't do this", so why the hell would adults voters! Is anyone honestly swayed by this smut?

I usually lean toward one side of the spectrum, and my vote is usually just based on some casual fact research on the issues. But while my vote is based on issues, these seemingly moot ads make me want to avoid voting all together. 'Cause all issues aside, there is a huge lack of dignity and trust in the voter on all points of the spectrum.

Here's a little hint, candidates:
Slamming your opponent does not make you look like the better candidate. It just makes it look like you've got nothing good to say about yourself.

Sheesh, (sigh) maybe I'll just throw my vote away and go Independent. They don't have the funding to insult our intelligence via television;)