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Year Done, Lessons Learned

Dear readers, a lot happened in 2007 for your little blogger Missy. While I'll spare you all the details (good and bad) I came away from the past year with a few nuggets of wisdom. Well, I wouldn't use the word "wisdom", more like steps forward from where I stood a year ago. And so, I'm going to share this list with my lovely readers today, some you may have discovered already, some that may come as no surprise, and hopefully, something new to share.

5 Things Missy's Learned in the Past Year

1. In the world of education, you are NEVER going to make everyone happy. And the sooner any new teacher recognizes this, the better they're going to sleep at night. Whether it be fellow staff, administration, students, or parents, there's always going to be someone that disapproves of how you do things. Usually at least one from ev
ery of the 4 categories. You can have the best intentions around, and spend day-in and day-out trying to find new ways to make everything work, and you'll still have someone treat you like you're not trying in the least. Recognize this, don't take it personally, and just be comforted by the fact that you are doing your best, and that you're a positive force in your students' lives.

2. Anxiety/Stress and it's effects on the body CAN be funneled and even controlled. Well, ok, MY anxiety can be funneled and controlled. Over the years, I've grown a bit more anxious compared to the carefree days of my youth. I also come from a long line of very lovely, but very anxious females. A few car accidents, a couple broken hearts, and some injuries later (physical and emotional), naturally one grows a bit more cautious, compulsive, and stressed. And the effects of this anxiety effected me in ways that changed the way I looked at my daily life. I've since learned to face this anxiety and to talk myself out of it. The way I look at it, reacting immediately over uncomfortable situations hinders ones quality of life, and restricts one from exploring things that may otherwise turn out to be positive experiences. I'm still working on it:)

3. The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. Ok, I stole that from Disney's Mulan. (I really like that movie, I'm not ashamed.) But I'm constantly drawn to people who fit this description, and they end up being the most intriguing and rewarding people to know.

4. Anyone who drives a new Mini Cooper is a CRAZY driver. Well, that's a pretty harsh generalization. But it seems like EVERY person I've seen drive one of these is all over the road. Some may say I'm a crazy driver. I won't deny this. Let's just say I've really learned my lesson;)

5. The music business is as dirty as the art of music is pure. Does this make sense? Anyway, this is something I'm learning and coming to terms with more and more. It's too bad.

Well, I hope the average reader as come away with something from this, even if it's just a little head shake and a chuckle. Any lessons you guys have learned???