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They're All Gonna Laugh at You!

Well, Halloween is tomorrow, and surprisingly, it continues to be one of my favorite holidays. Most of the horror movies made these days don't really scare me all that much; I find myself giggling at most of them. Plus, the majority of them are just bad remakes of previously made or Japanese films. It's the creepy films of the 60's and 70's that get me. Maybe it's because these older movies are more subtle in their scariness. They didn't have the technology to create huge monsters and realistic special effects, so they had to be more creative in their effectiveness. So in the spirit of Scary Day, I've constructed the following list:

Missy's Top 5 Favorite Scary Movies!

1. Carrie
In all honesty, it's not Carrie who frightens me most in this movie. Mainly, it's the crazy mother and the brutality of her peers. Probably because these concepts (an extremely religious parent, getting picked on at school, etc) happen all the time in real life, opposed to a person moving things with their mind. But the part that gets me every time is the dream sequence at the very end. I won't give the ending away, but I think it's the music in this scene that creeps me out to no end!

2. The Shining
This isn't just some dumb, gory, gross-out horror flick. This is a well-constructed, tension-building story with complex characters, an amazing isoundtrack, and creative camera shots. My favorite scenes are when the kid is riding through the empty halls on his big-wheel, and when Jack is hallucinating in the ballroom. Oh, and when Wendy finally reads the novel Jack's been writing.

3. Wait Until Dark
"Wait Until Dark" is wonderfully suspenseful and genuinely scary without showing a drop of blood. Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman who is home alone as three thugs attempt to trick and threaten her into letting them into her apartment to obtain a doll stuffed with heroin. The tension builds to a huge plateau as Audrey Hepburn knocks out all the lights in her apartment to get the upper-hand on the men who are trying to kill her and take the doll. Alan Arkin scares the shit of of me in this one.

4. Halloween
Did anyone know that the mask worn by the character 'Micheal' was a deformed and worn William Shatner mask? I love that little bit of useless knowledge. The scariest parts for me are when Micheal is stalking the girls throughout the beginning of the movie.

5. The Sixth Sense
I admit it: I didn't predict the ending. M. Night Shyamalan got me: hook, line and sinker. This movie is not only makes you jump out of your seat, but you really learn to feel for the characters throughout the movie, good and bad.

Please feel free to share your own top choices, everyone has different things that scare and intrigue them. Happy Halloween!


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